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Our College

Working with communities is at the heart of everything we do, and we aim to make everyone living in the Pennine Care NHS Trust area healthier through education.


Our Prospectus

Our latest prospectus will tell you all you need to know about the college in much more detail.


Our Courses

We have a wide range of courses available to suit a range of needs; both at our flagship site in Tameside and our sister sites in Bury and Stockport


  • I learnt how to take control before my anger hits red. Everything was spot on.

    Student, Cool It!
  • I recovered partly from a severe depression and anxiety episode. I wanted a course to assist my anxiety further on my recovery journey. This course fits the bill. I found it useful to have the concept of anxiety taught in a simple but effective way. I found the weekly hand-outs easy to digest and really helpful.

    Student, I am in Control
  • Fab session. Well-paced. Everything explained in layman’s terms. I came not knowing too much and have gone away with a wealth of knowledge.

    Student, This is my Moment
  • I have had anxiety for a long time but this course has really helped me to understand the anxiety. I will go away with the knowledge that I can control it. Very, very good course, I want to do more.

    Student, I am in Control
  • Sometimes change is inevitable and you just have to go with it, even if it’s difficult, change is good.

    Student, Coping with Change
  • I love the interaction of people in the group.

    Student, Out of the Blues
  • The class has been a meeting of likeminded people and a feeling of belonging  rather than feeling awkward.

    Student, Get Mental Health Aware
  • I absolutely love the class… there’s so much positivity and energy… so full of amazing information, I feel so revived when leaving.

    Student, Finding your Balance
  • Today has been a journey of hope for me.

    Student, Believe and Achieve
  • I wanted to learn about my thoughts and feelings, and I have learnt how to take a step back, to be in the moment and to challenge my emotions.

    Student, Out of the Blues
  • I have learnt so many more positive ways of managing my depression, and learnt not to hide away when I am feeling down. I am planning on following this up by doing more courses.

    Student, Out of the Blues
  • I have learnt various techniques to manage my Mental Health and reduce my anxiety and depression.

    Student, Out of the Blues
  • I particularly enjoy interacting with college staff and students and have realised that I am not the only person who experiences difficulties at times… It has also helped to build my knowledge, which benefits my own journey of recovery. I am grateful for the help and support the college team has provided to me.

    Susan Forde, aged 58, from Radcliffe
  • It has been so helpful to meet and hear others peoples experiences, and realise that other people just like me have similar difficulties. You learn from the course, and other people, it has given me the confidence to try new things.

    Student, I am in Control / Believe and Achieve.
  • I joined the college to get my confidence back and to make new friends. For the first time I am a person not an illness! The Health and Wellbeing College has been a God send!! It's a safe place where I can be myself, it doesn't matter that I am disabled. They accept me for who I am.

    Samantha Benedek, aged 37, from Oldham
  • I have learnt to understand what is going on, I am able to recognise, step back and understand the triggers and what to do,  to deal with things more, and then do the things I want to do. I have  'ahhh- that’s what’s happening  moments', …. rather than  'aaggggh, feeling panicked and frightened moments'. I am looking forward to doing more courses, I can’t quite believe the progress I have made, everybody is commenting on how much more I am doing, and the difference they can see in me.

    Student, I am in Control / Believe and Achieve
  • Very enjoyable learning experience! So far very pleased with all the learning techniques. All the staff were absolutely amazing. Highly appreciated.

    Student, Believe and Achieve
  • Having experienced depression, I was looking to learn more about it. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but having completed the course, if I had just learnt 10% more that would have been a bonus, but I have learnt so much, 100% more…. 150% more, than I knew before, this has helped me to understand so much more about my depression and how to take steps to deal with it in a positive way.

  • I attended this course because I thought I needed help with my mental health. This course has helped me to believe that I no longer have to be a victim of harmful thoughts or environments. What I found most useful about the course was a definitive explanation of the vicious cycle and how it manifests itself.

    Student, Out of the Blues
  • Social/group interaction has been really good and fun. Great tutors.

    Student, Believe and Achieve

The Team

Here at the Health and Wellbeing College we have a mixed team of college staff and volunteers, including ex students.


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Our main college activity takes place at our Tameside campus site, with some courses in Bury and Stockport. Click below to view our maps.


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A selection of photographs from in and around the college, feel free to browse and take a look at what goes on.