Classroom Courses

An Introduction to Ayurveda

Balancing, mind, body and spirit: Ayurveda is the traditional Hindu system of medicine, based on the idea of balance in bodily systems and uses diet, herbal treatment, and yogic breathing. Find out more about this fascinating idea and how it can help through life’s pressures. Course length: Four sessions Duration: 2 hours

Arts for Wellbeing

Evidence suggests that creativity can have a positive impact on our overall health and wellbeing; improving mood, increasing self-esteem and boosting confidence. Why not come along to our practical art course, where you will be introduced to the concept of art and learn more about how this relates to health. You will then have the opportunity to use a range of materials to create some artwork around specific themes. No need to be an artist – all abilities welcome. Course length: Eight sessions Duration: 2 hours

Assert Yourself

This course will help you to understand what being assertive means and help you become more confident. You will learn positive communication skills, how to know your rights and be able to assert yourself. Course length: Two sessions Duration: 2 hours

Believe and Achieve

This course aims to celebrate your everyday and long-term achievements, step towards believing in yourself and achieving your journey. The possibilities are endless if you believe. Course length: Four sessions Duration: 2 hours

Blogging for Wellbeing

Blogging for wellbeing (with Mohammed Khan, creator of and nominee of the Mental Health Blog Awards 2021) Mohammed will be running a course on what blogging is and how to become a blogger. You will learn how to design, write and promote a blog. He will share his top tips for successful blogging and will help you to prepare your first ever blog post! Course length: Two sessions Duration: One hour

Book Up!

In this fun and creative course you will learn simple book-making techniques to create your own ‘Books of Positivity’ – individually decorated books, full of words and images to inspire you! Course length: Two sessions Duration: 2 hours

Charge Up! Taster Session (NEW)

In this taster session we will be taking you through one of our invigorating sessions we offer to ‘Charge Up’ your well-being in a space designed for you to spend time ‘being’ rather than ‘doing’. We will take you through 7 powerful steps to de-tangle your mind, instil tools to control your emotions and finish off leaving you feeling at peace. After the session you'll have the chance to take advantage of 50% off Ocean Health & Wellbeing services. Course length: One session Duration: 2 hours (in conjunction with Ocean Health and Wellbeing )

Cool It!

This course may interest you if you wish to develop your understanding of anger and look at ways to manage it. The course will help you to think about how your lifestyle and choices can make you feel angry and cause aggressive behaviour. Course length: Six sessions Duration: 2 hours

Coping with Change

This course aims to help you explore how you can prepare for change and deal with stressful situations. Course length: Four sessions Duration: 2 hours

Creative Clay (@The Vale)

Part of the 'Creative Flow' sessions in partnership with 'Global Grooves' (previous 'Creative Flow' sessions have included 'Happy Hexagons' with Toubie and 'Wonderful Willow' with Gordon) 'Creative Clay' with Mel. Discover the joy of the hand made as you sculpt and shape clay to create your own piece which Mel will fire before you apply the finish. This course will be delivered at: The Vale Micklehurst Road Mossley OL5 9JL Note: Transport will be provided from the College to The Vale (and return). Students will be contacted before the start of the course to confirm transport arrangements

Curtains to Sleepless Nights

This course looks at the importance of getting a good night’s sleep, how we can improve sleep and our sleeping habits. It will equip you with tools to try and end the struggle with sleepless nights. Course length: Two sessions Duration: 2 hours

Digital Health Technology (NEW)

The Digital Healthcare Support Service is a new service delivered by The Bureau in partnership with PC Refurb and their Digital Wellbeing Project. The goal of the project is to increase the uptake of GP online services and health apps across Tameside and Glossop. This will enable patients to take control of their own health and healthcare, have a simple and convenient way to access medical services such as appointment bookings, order repeat prescriptions and view their own medical record, and to manage their health conditions more autonomously. This in turn will support practices by reducing the number of phone calls and administration tasks they deal with daily and will support patients to take a lead in preventing their conditions from worsening. Course length: Two sessions Duration: 2 hours

Drug and Alcohol Awareness

Through this course you will develop a practical understanding of the effects of different types of drugs and alcohol on mental health and wellbeing, and receive information about where you can gain additional support. Course length: Four sessions Duration: 2 hours

Eat Well, Get Active

Do you want to feel healthier? Do you want to feel the benefits that improving your diet and activity levels can bring? This course will help you identify small changes in the food choices you make and to your daily activity in order to improve and maintain good health and well-being for now and the future. Course length: Four sessions Duration: 2 hours (in partnership with Be Well Tameside)

Fashion Styling

You are what you wear? Would you like to let your personality shine through your clothes? Exploring what we wear can be mood boosting; it can empower us and raise our self-esteem. Feeling good about what we wear can promote happiness and well-being. Course length: Four sessions Duration: 2 hours (with Jenny Croce; owner of an international styling business and interior design business)