Classroom Courses

Finding your Balance

Every single person gets 24 hours in every day and 7 days in every week. But how do we use that time and what's the link with how it makes us feel? This course will provide you with an opportunity to look at what you are doing each day. It will help you to understand the effect of getting the balance wrong and offer advice on how to make sure you get the balance right more often, to benefit your wellbeing. Course length: Four sessions Duration: 2 hours

Five Ways to Wellbeing

Five Ways to Wellbeing This workshop introduces the 5 evidence based ways that we can put in place to help manage and improve our wellbeing: connect, take notice, give, keep active, keep learning. Course length: One session Duration: 2 hours

Get Mental Health Aware

This one off interactive session will look at some of the facts and figures about mental health problems, as well as busting some of the common myths that exist. Course length: One session Duration: 2 hours

Happy Hexagons (NEW)

Use simple techniques to create intricate patterns inspired by mandalas and personal power words. After initially exploring pattern making. You'll lose yourself in creativity as you create 2 unique patterns on cork tiles which can be made into a mural for the college. Course length: Six sessions Duration: 2 hours (in partnership with Global Groves)

Healthy Relationships

Healthy Relationships This course aims to increase your awareness about the difference between healthy and unhealthy relationships. You will be encouraged to explore your own social circle and consider the influences within it, while also reviewing your personal boundaries. You will be introduced to some skills to support you to develop healthy relationships, and receive information about where you can gain additional support. Course length: Four sessions Duration: 2 hours

Help Yourself to Wellbeing

This 7 week course helps individuals to self-care and improve their health and wellbeing. The course provides participants with the knowledge, skills and tools to improve their confidence and motivation to set realistic goals for making changes to their lifestyle. It covers an introductory session and discussion around health; Behaviour Change-Why it isn’t easy; Self Esteem and Confidence; Dealing with Stress and Anxiety; Lifestyle Choices-Healthy Eating, Alcohol and Smoking and Physical Activity, Sexual Health and Managing Minor Ailments; Dementia and Local Directories Course length: Seven sessions Duration: 2 hours

I am in Control

The course aims to help you manage and overcome anxieties. You will learn tools and techniques to recognise and deal effectively with different types of anxiety and explore how you can feel in control. Course length: Six sessions Duration: 2 hours


Have you ever felt that your head is just too full? Or you have too many ideas and too many thoughts and can’t make sense of it all. Do you wish there was a way to walk through these thoughts / feelings? Journaling helps these thoughts and feelings to flow onto the page and creates time for you to stop and be present. Course length: Four sessions Duration: 2 hours (with Jenny Croce; owner of an international styling business and interior design business)

Just Relax and Recharge!

In this taster session we will be taking you through one of our invigorating sessions we offer to ‘Charge Up’ your well-being in a space designed for you to spend time ‘being’ rather than ‘doing’. We will take you through 7 powerful steps to de-tangle your mind, instil tools to control your emotions and finish off leaving you feeling at peace. After the session you'll have the chance to take advantage of 50% off Ocean Health & Wellbeing services. Course length: One session Duration: 2 hours (in conjunction with Ocean Health and Wellbeing )

Life after Covid

More information to follow...

Living Life to the Full

This 6 week course offers resources for improving feelings, beating stress and boosting ability to live well Course length: Six sessions Duration: 2 hours

Living Well with Psychosis

This course aims to make sense of some of the experiences of psychosis, introduce the idea of recovery and think about strategies that might support a person’s recovery journey. Course length: Four sessions Duration: 2 hours

Looking after Me, Looking after You

Do you care for someone with a mental health difficulty? Do you know what your rights are and how to best support the person you care for? Do you feel in control and empowered to speak up on behalf of this person? Do you feel confident in having conversations around feelings and emotions, and supporting a loved one who might be expressing suicidal ideation for example? Are you confident in managing challenging situations such as self-harm? Come along to this course to develop your knowledge, skills and confidence in what can often be a challenging role as a carer, whilst connecting with others and taking time to look after your own wellbeing. Course length: Four sessions Duration: 2 hours

Loss and Bereavement

This course will consider the impact of loss and how you can adapt and adjust to change. The course will consider risk factors which can make it harder to come to terms with a loss and provide you with helpful strategies to cope with grief. Course length: Three sessions Duration: 2 hours

Making Smoking History

Do you want to learn more about smoking – how does it impact on health? Are you worried about the risks of smoking and want to learn more about the benefits of stopping smoking? Explore withdrawal and recovery, and learn more about what further support is available. Course length: One session Duration: 2 hours