Classroom Courses

Mindful Art Doodling

A series of new exciting online Doodle Art workshops, take a journey into Doodling. Explore unconscious and conscious Doodling. Learn about the many benefits of Doodling, one of which is of course, that it's a wonderful, fun mindful activity. Lastly, take doodling further by going beyond pen and paper to Doodle on an object! This Doodle Art project is based on Geometric Design. Doodling is a fun exercise that slows down our brain and puts the brakes on overthinking. It can stop wandering / negative thoughts and has a calming effect; thus reducing feelings of stress and anxiety. In addition it can improve memory and concentration, as well as bringing out your more creative side. Course length: Three sessions Duration: 90 minutes (with Amina Sheikh, visual artist and surface pattern designer)

Music for Wellbeing

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No Worries

No Worries (in partnership with Healthy Minds, Tameside & Glossop) (NEW) Come and join us for a one off workshop exploring ‘worry’ in the context of our everyday lives. Through this interactive session we will define what worry is, and how this fits in with anxiety. We will explore what skills can be used to manage worry more effectively, including some useful techniques such as worry time, problem solving, mindfulness and relaxation Course length: One session Duration: 2 hours

Out of the Blues

The course aims to develop an understanding of how depression affects people and to help you deal with low mood. It looks at the impact of lifestyle on depression and how to build positive thinking and activity in to our lives. Course length: Six sessions Duration: 2 hours

Preparing for your Future

This course aims to help you recognise your skills and how you can make the most of these to reach your full potential and move forward with your life. You will learn how to write a CV, complete application forms, search for jobs and learn basic interview techniques. Course length: Four sessions Duration: 2 hours

Preparing to Volunteer

This course will raise your knowledge and awareness of volunteering. You will find out about the benefits, requirements, process and opportunities involved within volunteering. You will also start to look at the information about yourself and documents you may need to make an application to volunteer. Course length: One session Duration: 2 hours

Reading for Health

There is growing evidence to suggest that shared reading can have a positive impact on health and wellbeing. Why not come along and find out more about this link and then enjoy a relaxed and comfortable space where the facilitator will start to read aloud literature from a ‘quick read’ book. There will then be opportunities for others in the group to contribute to the reading should they wish to, as well as to discuss and reflect on the material; others however may just choose to sit and listen – there is no pressure to read aloud. Course length: Six sessions Duration: 2 hours (In partnership with Tameside libraries)

Reclaim your Life

Reclaim your life from illness, pain and disability. Ideal for those experiencing chronic pain, stiffness, lung or heart problems, tiredness, high-blood pressure, diabetes or any other long-term health condition. This 4 week course can help you reclaim your life when it feels like illness is taking over Course length: Five sessions       Duration: 2 hours


Scrapbooking is whatever you want it to be! You can use it to dream for your future, put your thoughts into pictures or see how far you’ve come. It’s a fun, creative way to create space in your head. This will be a hands on, fun course. Course length: Four sessions       Duration: 2 hours (Jenny Croce; owner of an international styling business and interior design business)

Self Esteem Booster

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Smartphone Photography Course – ‘The Gratitude Gallery’

A 4 week mood boosting smartphone photography course. Topics covered include: phone photography basics, creative ideas, storytelling through images & editing your pictures. The course will culminate in the development of an online ‘gratitude gallery’. This course is for anyone who wants to learn more about the concept of gratitude using photography. It aims to improve social interaction, feelings of positivity, a sense of achievement, relaxation and self-confidence. Course length: Four sessions Duration: 90 minutes

This is my Moment

Come and learn how to be aware of your feelings, acknowledge and accept your thoughts and gain an understanding of how to use your senses to allow yourself to be in the moment and appreciate your life. Course length: One session Duration: 2 hours

Time to Shine

What does recovery mean and what does it look like for you? This course will help you to create your own picture of recovery whether that is focusing on mental health or physical health. It will help you to put your own recovery plan together for a healthier future. The course focuses on recovery using the acronym SHINE; Smile, Hope, Inspiration, Nutrition and Exercise. Course length: Two sessions Duration: 2 hours

Wellness of Spirit

This course will explore the spiritual side of life, even though you may or may not follow a religion, faith or belief. If nurtured, the spirit within you can have a positive impact on your emotional and mental well-being. This course will help you discover ways to develop your own spirituality with simple techniques and practices. Get ready to be challenged on your outlook and understanding of your own inner strength which you can draw upon to support you through the "ups and downs" of life. We shall look at why the NHS has included spiritual care for over 70 years in our hospitals by having chaplains work alongside medics and consider the evidence that spiritual wellness can have a huge impact on the quality and longevity of our lives. Course length: Four sessions Duration: 2 hours

Wonderful Willow (NEW)

Relax with willow as you create 3d shapes from this natural and flexible material. Gordon will guide you to use this ancient craft to create texture and dynamic shape. Why not create something to install at the college for others to enjoy. Course length: Six sessions Duration: 2 hours