An Online Smartphone Photography Course – ‘The Gratitude Gallery’ ONLINE

A 4 week mood bossing smartphone photography course. Topics covered include: phone photography basics, creative ideas, storytelling through images & editing your pictures. The course will culminate in the development of an online ‘gratitude gallery’. This course is for anyone who wants to learn more about the concept of gratitude using photography. It aims to improve social interaction, feelings of positivity, a sense of achievement, relaxation and self-confidence. Course length: Four sessions       Duration: 90 minutes (Ginny Koppenhol, a portrait photographer and qualified occupational therapist)

Coping with Change ONLINE

This ONLINE course aims to help you explore how you can prepare for change and deal with stressful situations. Course length: Four sessions Duration: 2 hours

Curtains to Sleepless Nights ONLINE

This course looks at the importance of getting a good night’s sleep, how we can improve sleep and our sleeping habits. It will equip you with tools to try and end the struggle with sleepless nights. Course length: Two sessions Duration: 2 hours

Healthy Relationships ONLINE

This course aims to increase your awareness about the difference between healthy and unhealthy relationships. You will be encouraged to explore your own social circle and consider the influences within it. while also reviewing your own personal boundaries. You will be introduced to some skills to support you in developing healthy relationships, and receive information about where you can gain additional support. Course length: Four sessions Duration: 2 hours

I am in Control ONLINE

The course aims to help you manage and overcome anxieties. You will learn tools and techniques to recognise and deal effectively with different types of anxiety and explore how you can feel in control. Course length: Six sessions Duration: 1 hour

Out of the Blues ONLINE

The course aims to develop an understanding of how depression affects people and to help you deal with low mood. It looks at the impact of lifestyle on depression and how to build positive thinking and activity in to our lives. Course length: Six sessions Duration: 2 hours

This is my Moment ONLINE

Come and learn how to be aware of your feelings, acknowledge and accept your thoughts and gain an understanding of how to use your senses to allow yourself to be in the moment and appreciate your life. Course length: One session         Duration: 1 hour