Our College

Hello and welcome to the Health & Wellbeing College. Since moving into our new building in September 2017, we’ve settled in well and welcomed over 600 new students.

Our staff team has expanded and we’re delighted to have been able to offer employment opportunities to those with lived experience of mental health challenges; many of whom have actually been students at the college themselves.

We have expanded our range of courses and are actively working with a number of organisations to enhance our offer and draw upon the expertise within our local communities.

We’ve continued to be blown away by the passion and enthusiasm of ours students, who have shown amazing commitment to use learning as a key part of their recovery journey.

We would like to extend thanks to our wonderful and committed staff team who go above and beyond, and place our students at the heart of everything they do; showing genuine compassion and understanding.

We are looking forward to another successful year ahead and can’t wait to share the college journey with new and existing students.

Katie & George

What is the aim of the college?

The college aims to provide something very different for local people. We have moved away from the clinical focus offered by many traditional support services; instead we offer an educational approach designed to empower you to take control of your own health and wellbeing, while learning new skills, making friends and connecting with others. Our recovery-focused courses can support you to recognise your potential and make the most of your talents and resources, through self-management. In turn, this can help you to deal with any health challenges you may experience and achieve the things you want in life.

We aim to offer you:
  • Hope - making it possible for you to pursue your personal goals and ambitions.
    Hope is the heart of recovery, we can’t live without our hearts and we need hope to move us forward. Hope is knowing that positive change is possible and that, just because things can sometimes feel a bit stuck, it does not mean that this is a permanent state.
  • Control - helping you to gain a sense of control over your life through increased knowledge, whilst supporting you to be able to self-manage and live well in your local community.
    Control comes from realising that you are the expert, having learnt from your experiences, knowing what helps you and who encourages you.
  • Opportunity - supporting you to build your life beyond illness and supporting transition from the college to other areas that provide ongoing opportunities for continued development, for example volunteering or even paid employment within or outside of the college.
    Opportunity to explore our strengths and talents, to work with those who care about us and to meet new people, contributes to our wellness and the wider community. None of us can do this by ourselves but this is what makes us uniquely human.
Our Core Values:
  • Educational – Recovery focused syllabus of courses, which will aim to increase knowledge, understanding, coping strategies and skills for self-management of health and wellbeing. Learning opportunities will be facilitated through the Recovery based curriculum, facilitated by experts by experience and experts by expertise
  • Collaborative – Lived experience and professional expertise are brought together in co-production, co-delivery, co-facilitation, and co- learning
  • Recovery Focused – For all students and staff, achievements, strengths, skills, and qualities will be identified, built upon and rewarded. Where there are challenges to learning, adjustments and support will be offered to individuals to assist to overcome them
  • Choice & Agency – While students may be signposted to the college by health professionals, they will be encouraged to enrol independently wherever possible. Students will not need a health professional to signpost them. Students will develop an individual learning plan (ILP) to identify their self-directed personal goals, ambitions and aspirations. Students will choose the courses they wish to study, and identify supports they find helpful
  • Progressive – Students will work towards learning goals and/or to overcome personal challenges whilst gaining knowledge of their health and wellbeing. Progress through the academic year will culminate in graduation
  • Community Focused - The College aims to be community facing and will seek active engagement with community organizations and Further Education colleges to co-produce relevant courses and aim to facilitate valued roles and relationships and pathways to future education, learning, employment and daily occupations
  • Inclusive – The College will aim to offer self-management and learning to students of all abilities, over the age of 18, from all cultures, ages and experience.
Who is the college for?

The college is open to anyone aged over 18 years who lives in:

  • Bury
  • Heywood, Middleton or Rochdale
  • Oldham
  • Tameside or Glossop
  • Stockport

You are welcome regardless of whether you have an existing health condition or challenge, or you simply want to improve your health and wellbeing. We also welcome those who care for someone – including friends, family and loved ones, as well as any staff working for Pennine Care.

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