I know that I will always struggle with anxiety and depression, but I feel confident since coming to the Health and Well Being College, that I have created my own well-being toolkit, to enable me to manage my mental health better in the future. I know it’s scary to come to somewhere new but be brave and give it a try – you definitely won’t regret it.

“Come to the edge. 
We might fall. 
Come to the edge. 
It’s too high! 
And they came, 
and he pushed, 
And they flew.
Christopher Logue”

I support our students by delivering courses about well-being. I also help with co-production of courses as required. I feel it’s an honour and a privilege to see our students emerge into confident individuals filled with hope and enthusiasm for the future.

I am married and have a daughter. I am a musician and play in a brass band.

3 things you didn’t know about me

  • I have done a tandem sky dive which raised £1500 for a charity.
  • I have zip wired across the Manchester Ship Canal from the tower on the Lowry Building again raising money for charity.
  • I have a burning ambition to learn how to pole dance!