The Student Charter

The College aims to provide a comfortable and supportive learning environment for all. We hope that by signing up to this student charter we can achieve this together.

Please read the guidelines below, watch the video and then complete the form attached to the bottom of the page.

You can expect us to

  • Provide you with a warm and professional welcome
  • Deal with your enquiries in an efficient and timely manner
  • Provide information, guidance and advice on courses and study
  • Offer you an opportunity to visit the College
  • Give you details of our opening times and prospectus
  • Ensure quality education based courses that promote hope, opportunity and control
  • Provide support for your learning
  • Provide a safe and healthy environment
  • Provide an environment free from discrimination
  • Respect your personal beliefs, religious and cultural practices
  • Give you the opportunity to express your views and be involved in developing the College

We expect you to

  • Ask us for clarification about anything you are not sure about
  • Act in a responsible manner and foster mutual respect respect and understanding between students
  • Respect the rights, beliefs and opinions of others
  • Communicate any absence or withdrawal courses/course choices to the College
  • Observe the Pennine Care Health and Wellbeing College Student Guidelines (below)
  • Not act in a way that may be considered threatening or disruptive, or likely to cause physical or emotional harm
  • Refrain from the use of alcohol or illegal drugs when attending the College
  • Return any books or materials borrowed from the College

Student Guidelines

As a college we take seriously any actions that don't support this charter. For example, we will not tolerate any of the following:

  • Prevention or disruption of learning or other activities
  • Violent, indecent, threatening or offensive behaviour or language
  • Use of alcohol or illegal drugs in College premises
  • Theft, damage or misuse of College property, or the property of a student, visitor or staff member
  • Action likely to cause injury or impair safety on College premises
  • Any act that constitutes a criminal offence
  • Sexual, racial or other harassment of any staff, student, visitor or staff member at the College