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We have a wide range of learning opportunities available and are hopeful that you will graduate with increased confidence, knowledge, skills and understanding to enable you to have more hope and control to take the opportunities in life that you want to.

Student journey:

The College’s courses are offered over three terms: Autumn, Spring and Winter, each lasting around 12 weeks, reflecting a true academic year. Students can be actively enrolled with the college for up to 12 months. At the end of each term the college will hold a celebration event, where students are awarded their attendance certificates (for those students who don’t wish to attend the celebration event, certificates can be downloaded from the college website on their personal ‘dashboard’). For those moving into the next term, there will also be the opportunity to review and set new goals, as well as choose new courses. Students who have completed their journey with us will also be awarded their graduation certificates.

Venue information:

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General information:

Changes in personal details:

If any of your personal details change, in particular your telephone number or address, could you please let a member of the main College admin team know on 0161 716 2666. This will ensure that you do not miss any communications from the College.

ID badges:

We will ask you to wear a student ID badge when you attend the College. This will be issued to you as you sign in, and should be returned at the end of your session.


All Health & Wellbeing College sites operate a no-smoking policy in line with Pennine Care NHS Trust policies.

Health & safety:

For any concerns with health and safety, please report to a member of the College staff in the first instance.

First aid:

Should you require first aid assistance please alert a member of the College staff.


General information on attending classes

Reminder texts:

If you entered a mobile phone number when you enrolled, you will receive text message reminders prior to each class. You may also receive other text updates. If for any reason, you decide you no longer wish to receive text messages from the College, please let a member of the administration team know and they will remove your details from the system.

Class cancellations:

In the event of a course or class cancellation (eg. due to tutor illness) we will do our best to contact you in a timely manner so you do not have a wasted journey to College. 


For the smooth running of courses we ask that you attend any classes you are enrolled on in a timely manner.  We suggest that you try and arrive 10 to 15 minutes before the start of your course, as your session will begin promptly.


100% attendance is expected where possible, though we appreciate that this cannot always be achieved for various reasons, therefore certificates will be given to all those who attend 75% or more of a course. Where possible however, we do recommend that you always attend the first session of any course, as it sets the scene, and future sessions build upon the content of session one.

Class registers:

At the beginning of each class the tutor will provide a register. Please ensure that you sign in on this register so that the tutor knows who is in attendance in the event of a fire or emergency. It is also important, as information from the registers is used to produce attendance certificates.


At the beginning of class, the tutor will go through specific housekeeping rules for your campus site. 

Phone calls:

We request that during class time all students either switch their mobile phones off or set them to silent so all can enjoy the class without interruption.  However, if a phone call comes through that you need to respond to, please make your excuses to the tutor and leave the room for the duration of the call.

Disclosure of personal information:

During the class people may disclose personal information.  We ask that you respect the confidentiality of all those attending the class, therefore any details of a personal nature will only be disclosed outside the classroom with the consent of the person involved. 

Please remember that we all have different opinions and it is important that even if we disagree we are respectful of other students’ points of view.  During any class discussions we ask that each student can speak freely without interruption thereby giving each student a fair and equal chance should they wish to contribute to class discussion/learning activities.

Personal belongings:

The College takes no responsibility for student’s personal belongings, please make sure you keep your personal belonging with you at all times.

Your opinion is important to us:

If there are any suggestions for courses you may like us to run in the future relating to recovery and wellbeing, or you have any other feedback to give us, we would love to hear your ideas and point of view – just contact a member of the College team or email us at


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