Denises’ Journey

I came across the college prospectus purely by accident. Little did I realise what a huge impact on my life that booklet would make. On my first day I was having a particularly difficult time, but I received a very warm welcome from the team and by the end of the session I was already looking forward to the following week.
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Amy’s Journey

In 2016 I joined the Health and Wellbeing College as a student after many years battling with mental illness. This was the first service I ever saw that really harnessed the lived experience of those with mental health challenges and is what drew me in to the college.
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Sarah’s Journey

I’ve suffered with mental health challenges most of my life, to the point where I nearly lost my life. When I tried to take my own life - that was rock bottom for me. Medication was not enough for me, it was only when I engaged with the Health and Wellbeing College that I started to get the help I really needed.
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Other Feedback

  • “I found all of it useful, the handouts were clear and it went at the right pace …. Thank you for making it fun and enjoyable, I would definitely recommend it.”
  • “A great deal of very useful information was given by the tutor whose enthusiasm for the subject and for passing this on was really great.  I am very glad to have attended this course”
  • “The Health and Wellbeing College has really helped me with my trust issues and my self-belief. It has helped me to realise my value and what I can achieve”
  • “This is the first establishment I have come to where I haven’t felt stupid or out of place”
  • “Before my care co-ordinator signposted me to the college I was struggling with my mental health. Now my confidence is much better….it has helped me with my suicidal thoughts, and I also haven’t self-harmed since attending”
  • “From a mental health point of view I have made more  progress at the Health and Wellbeing College, in what is a relatively short period of time than I have done in years”
  • “The Health and Wellbeing College has given me the courage and confidence to not be afraid of life and its challenges”
  • “Attending the Health and Wellbeing College has broken the loop of going to A&E , then part of RAID, CMHT,  hospital admission and then discharge, and then starting the whole cycle again”